what happened to Tomorrows World

Gadget Show s26 ep1 ch5

a long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

there was a great technology program, informative, well presented in a calm and collected British manner.

What has happened? How is it that american monoculture has taken over so much of the British mindset. Everything aspires to; noisy american RA RA broadcasting.

Other aspects from across the atlantic; debt mongering, debt consumerism, corptocracy, every rising prices.. the worship of inflation have also taken over the UK.

It can all be laid at the door of Wall Street/Banksters and their cohorts in the Sh#tty of London.

Compare contrast;

Original Top Gear/Clarkson Top Gear/The Grand Tour/LeBlanc Top Gear

Thankfully LeBlanc Top Gear does not seem to be going the way of the recent Gadget Show


Trump shell shocked Obama ebullient

Footage of Trump and Obama in the white house…..

It struck me that Trump seemed subdued but Obama was happy and smiling. I would expect it to be the other way around.

After all, Trump has just been shown around his “great” home and office.  Whereas every time Obama looks at Trump he should be feeling the crow sticking in his throat. I think Trump had just been shown the depth of the swamp and the tiny straw available to him for draining it….. using just his own mouth and lungs.

No friends/allies JUST VERY POWERFUL ENEMIES, this includes all mainstream media.

Obama was having a laugh at Trumps expense.

I really hope Trump can drain the swamp, time will tell.

As a parallel; where is brexit?

driverless cars need transponders

There is a great deal of brouhaha about driverless cars but the great and the good such as musk have missed one vital piece of equipment to make these cars 100% safe;

a transponder


in reality if all vehicles had transponders fitted this would greatly accelerate the up take of driverless cars

take the recent crash and fatality in the tesla on autopilot

had the other vehicle been broadcasting its position and stationary status, blocking the carriageway. the oncoming tesla would have picked this up and come to a halt.. lasers, cameras and radars are just not enough

I intimated this to someone in the London cycling community some years back…

cycles carrying transponders would more easily be detected by other vehicles carrying the necessary equipment and a collision avoided

the local data from the satnav system could also be shared between vehicles this way every vehicle in the locality would know what the other intends and they could plan between themselves the best route and how to avoid collisions.. we would be way ahead of today where we try to decipher the intentions of others from rudimentary indicator lights

there has also been blog talk about driverless cars being part of a bigger agenda of keeping track and control of individuals, big brother watching you… it need not be this was all transponders should be generic equipment carrying some kind of generic token which just broadcasts basic information. eg: vehicle type, axles and max weight

if entities want to monitor fleets than they could have their own tokens but for the private individual very little information needs to be broadcast there is no need either for a big brother computer to run the roads.

computers are small and powerful enough to run a car without outside input, the vehicle will just handle its own environment on a tactical basis just like humans do today

a waze type central computer could be useful in terms of broadcasting traffic information which the vehicle could use to plan its journey.

Any broadcast information could be limited to only very specific data hence preventing hackers from causing chaos.

By limiting the range of broadcast of each individual vehicle hackers would be prevented from gaining control of a large number of vehicles at one time.

Maybe Tesla would not want this diffuse type of system. As others have said the driverless car may be part of the elites agenda; having total control of citizens similar to the upcoming cashless society.

brits will also learn….

germans are catching on

daily bell german backlash against lying press

brits will also learn
but it will be after they have stayed in europe…..
when the real pain will start…
not just what germany is getting now,
but britain will be up to its knees in europe falling apart rather than watching from a far

everyone will wake up to how much the media lies to them,
but it will be too late

I have known since 1993,
the time I connected to the internet
I have been able to compare/contrast all the lies peddled about Hindus and India in the main media
also my knowledge of aviation has shown me how clueless these so called journalists are

(or correspondents as the bbc likes to call them, correct parlance since they are corresponding the bbc view of the world)

Now I also know the bulltoffe spewed about markets and money, especially by americans

I have not purchased and rarely read a newspaper in 20 years, especially that piece of pink toffee aka FT
….loathsome economist, I was a subscriber once!!!

all my information comes from bloggers….
andrew marr hates them because they dilute his and bbc propaganda

Mr Parrikar “hurt”


I find the fact that a senior Indian politician should be expressing such sentiment over american actions very saddening.

I would expect it from the more naive and those who wish to live in the pockets of the us government with everything oiled by the us dollar….
But not from the representative of a strong Hindu national government.

The american relationship with India today is no different to the relationship enjoyed by the original melinated inhabitants of the continent with the newly arrived non-melinated people.

They merely want to take whatever they can and give nothing in return.

These people are not your friends or friends of India….

I am writing about the “ESTABLISHMENT” most ordinary americans think no further than; caste/cows/curry and job stealers.

The american establishment will take everything they can and leave India denuded and in their control… from this point of view they are no different from the East India Company..


Ronald Reagan told us all we need to know about the american government;

‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’
Ronald Reagan
40th president of US (1911 – 2004)

They only come to India for themselves and their cronies and should never be given an inch.

Banksters come to mind they happily exploit their own people to enrich themselves, leaving behind poverty…

They do not care about you, your feelings or the people of India.


ALSO.. beware

There is, without doubt in my mind, a sizeable british ESTABLISHMENT that hankers for days of empire and the easier route to riches ie exploitation of others and their lands…. not trade and competition

britain also has banksters

They live this out vicariously through the americans it is called “poodledom” being an atlanticist…. propaganda/doctrines expounded by the likes of the economist.
You will hear them extol the virtues of the East India Co
Look no further than the tweet from Marc Andreessen

I repeat they are not here to help you or be your friend.