what happened to Tomorrows World

Gadget Show s26 ep1 ch5

a long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

there was a great technology program, informative, well presented in a calm and collected British manner.

What has happened? How is it that american monoculture has taken over so much of the British mindset. Everything aspires to; noisy american RA RA broadcasting.

Other aspects from across the atlantic; debt mongering, debt consumerism, corptocracy, every rising prices.. the worship of inflation have also taken over the UK.

It can all be laid at the door of Wall Street/Banksters and their cohorts in the Sh#tty of London.

Compare contrast;

Original Top Gear/Clarkson Top Gear/The Grand Tour/LeBlanc Top Gear

Thankfully LeBlanc Top Gear does not seem to be going the way of the recent Gadget Show