brits will also learn….

germans are catching on

daily bell german backlash against lying press

brits will also learn
but it will be after they have stayed in europe…..
when the real pain will start…
not just what germany is getting now,
but britain will be up to its knees in europe falling apart rather than watching from a far

everyone will wake up to how much the media lies to them,
but it will be too late

I have known since 1993,
the time I connected to the internet
I have been able to compare/contrast all the lies peddled about Hindus and India in the main media
also my knowledge of aviation has shown me how clueless these so called journalists are

(or correspondents as the bbc likes to call them, correct parlance since they are corresponding the bbc view of the world)

Now I also know the bulltoffe spewed about markets and money, especially by americans

I have not purchased and rarely read a newspaper in 20 years, especially that piece of pink toffee aka FT
….loathsome economist, I was a subscriber once!!!

all my information comes from bloggers….
andrew marr hates them because they dilute his and bbc propaganda