Mr Parrikar “hurt”

I find the fact that a senior Indian politician should be expressing such sentiment over american actions very saddening.

I would expect it from the more naive and those who wish to live in the pockets of the us government with everything oiled by the us dollar….
But not from the representative of a strong Hindu national government.

The american relationship with India today is no different to the relationship enjoyed by the original melinated inhabitants of the continent with the newly arrived non-melinated people.

They merely want to take whatever they can and give nothing in return.

These people are not your friends or friends of India….

I am writing about the “ESTABLISHMENT” most ordinary americans think no further than; caste/cows/curry and job stealers.

The american establishment will take everything they can and leave India denuded and in their control… from this point of view they are no different from the East India Company..


Ronald Reagan told us all we need to know about the american government;

‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’
Ronald Reagan
40th president of US (1911 – 2004)

They only come to India for themselves and their cronies and should never be given an inch.

Banksters come to mind they happily exploit their own people to enrich themselves, leaving behind poverty…

They do not care about you, your feelings or the people of India.


ALSO.. beware

There is, without doubt in my mind, a sizeable british ESTABLISHMENT that hankers for days of empire and the easier route to riches ie exploitation of others and their lands…. not trade and competition

britain also has banksters

They live this out vicariously through the americans it is called “poodledom” being an atlanticist…. propaganda/doctrines expounded by the likes of the economist.
You will hear them extol the virtues of the East India Co
Look no further than the tweet from Marc Andreessen

I repeat they are not here to help you or be your friend.